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The Backlog, Volume 1: Vernon Davis’ Ocean City Proposal Video!

Hey guys… uhhhhh, long time no speak! That’s my fault, we’ve been so busy lately, I’ve neglected this wonderful outlet to keep you all updated on the happenings here at...

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What a Video Production Company Does During Down Time

There’s a lot that goes into video production. The equipment, the crew, the editing, the knowledge of how to bring it all together. But there’s one thing that is needed...

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Video Production: It Just F***ing Works – Part 1 – Varnish Lane!

Its always difficult to quantify your marketing into real dollars. You know how much time and money you SPEND on it, but how much of that will go back to...

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Staccato Stationery Promotional Video Release!

Hand-crafted ANYTHING is hard to come by these days, let alone those dealing with physical paper in an increasingly digital world. Kelly with Staccato is a true artist, and SkipperFilms is thrilled to help...

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Facebook Winners Announced!

ALRIGHT PARTY PEOPLE! This month, we had a fun little contest running on our Facebook page, where the winner receives a FREE SkipperFilms Promotional Video for their Washington DC, Virginia,...

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Government Shutdown = SkipperFilms Job Opportunities

At 12:01am on January 20th, our government shut down, leaving hundreds of thousands of skilled, wonderful, and hard-working people without a means to pay their bills. There no guessing on...

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Caffeinated Case Study: Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters