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Hey guys… uhhhhh, long time no speak! That’s my fault, we’ve been so busy lately, I’ve neglected this wonderful outlet to keep you all updated on the happenings here at SkipperFilms. For that, I’m sorry. I’m going to be chronicling our cool and fun shoots right here over the next few weeks, so stay tuned! Video production has taken us ALL OVER the nation this year for conferences, promotional shoots, and 360 virtual reality shoots, and it felt lonely without you all, or loving fan(s). It’s hard to consider ourselves a Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland video production at this point, most of what we do requires a plane ride!

However, one that was only slightly out of the area: we’ll start with July of this year. The big reveal and one of the most perfectly timed events of the summer, was the marriage proposal of Washington Redskins’ very own, Vernon Davis to his bride-to-be, Kayla on the beaches of Ocean City, MD. We spent months planning out exact positioning, timing, technical details, crew and camera needs, etc. The mastermind behind this was our good friend and amazing planner and designer, Natalie Seng with Designed Perfectly Events. She arranged the entire day, and worked her butt off to make sure, no lie, the nicest NFL player in the league gets exactly what he wants for the love of his life! And she pulled it off without a hitch!

Our job, however, was to make sure we got it all on film from 5 different angles. We had Chris on a monopod and a long lens, Mike on a tripod hidden in the crowded beach, Brian with the aerial view, myself with a gimbal following the action, and a gopro strapped to a skydiver’s head. Oh right, there were skydivers. As Vernon and Kayla walked up, Misson Volant and their amazing skydiving team soared above, and landed perfectly in front of them. The pulled back their jump suits, and revealed the 5 special words, popping the big question right then and there. We caught it all through a hidden mic, that Vernon was actually really excited about ‘wearing a wire,’ so we could hear the loving proposal he gave to her as he got down on his knee.

That was 3pm. This film needed to be edited by 5pm.

So we RUSHED back to the hotel room, dumped the cards, pulled the audio snippet, cut the footage, pieced it together, bought a license for the wrong song, bought another license for the right song, exported, ran downstairs to the reception area, and delivered the film at 4:55pm. Guests arrived, confused on why they were all gathered, the film rolled, and they. Were. FLOORED to find out this party was actually an engagement party! It was all fun and games from then on. We continued capturing everything to provide an updated video with the rest of the day included, but the hard part was over and we were victorious!

Natalie did here leg work over the next few months getting the media and information to the right outlets. Martha Stewart Weddings actually picked it up, which is a first for us!!

Such an exciting time, especially as a Redskins fan. They all treated us like family the whole time, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Vernon has himself some fans for life!

Check the video out below! And of course, if you want to get some of this sweet video production for your own marketing, don’t you dare hesitate to contact us!

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