We’re a small business. You’re an any-size business. Let’s get together and make sweet video magic.

It’s currently Tuesday of a week-long promotion we here at SkipperFilms Video Production are running from Black Friday until the following… less black?.. Friday. Have you been considering hiring a video production company to put your company in the spotlight, show your clients, existing and prospective, that you are professional, creative, and most importantly, killing the social media game? Now is the time, because this week we are offering $750 off our insanely popular SkipperFilms Promo Video package! This is the video package that escalated our company to where we are today. I hate to brag, we tend to be humble, but we’re damn good at making these promo videos. You can read about the details here: https://skipperfilms.com/promo, but the nitty gritty of the package is:

  • Up to 2:30 minute 4K-Resolution Video that combines on-location interview footage with beautiful lighting, crisp and clean audio, and B-Roll video clips of you or your company in its element (working, building, creating, etc).
  • ½ day of shooting to capture everything we need
  • Editing your footage from all the visual gold we captured, into a clean, catchy video that speaks directly to YOUR clients
  • Up to 3 rounds of revisions to fine-tune your masterpiece
  • YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo upload and promotion assistance
  • Highlight and Boosted Video Ad on our Facebook page

The offer is valid for anyone, anywhere! You’ll see the most savings if you are a Washington DC, Northern Virginia, or Maryland company, as we most likely wont have any travel expenses, but we’re always traveling for shoots anyway, and would be happy to come out to wherever you might be 🙂 Contact us either on our contact page, or through the SkipperFilms Promo Video package page, and mention this ad so you can cash in on one of or most valuable promotions on corporate video production!

Check out some examples below:

You have until Friday. Do it.

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