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So you’re a Business in the Virginia, Maryland, or Washington DC area. Chances are, you’ve thought about getting a video done that promotes your product or service, but have NO IDEA where to start, or even if it can fit into your marketing budget. It’s a big step, but a smart one with tangible benefits. Think of it as an investment, as in most cases, you get substantial returns on investments made in Video Production. If you are on the fence and need to talk it through a bit, just contact us here, or in the form below, and we can give you all the information and tools you need to make an educated decision!

We do a lot of cool things here at SkipperFilms, and those come in the form of a lot of different types of video production. But if you were to ask us, the one thing we do better than anything else is the good old-fashioned Company Brand Promotional Video. Not only do we do it so well, we get more requests for this style of video than any other style. We’ve perfected the process in which we produce these videos so much so, that we’re now offering it as a neatly built package, called “The SkipperFilms Promo.”

The SkipperFilms Promo is for a short and effective video that tells your story, shows why you’re better than the competition, and uses our superior visuals, our patented creative minds, (not really patented, but they should be!) crisp audio, and motion graphics to give your business that vital video building block on the path to success.

For more information about what else we offer here at SkipperFilms check out our services and contact us today!

In this killer video production package, you’ll get the following services:
  • Up to 2:30 minute 4K-Resolution Video that combines on-location interview footage with beautiful lighting, crisp and clean audio, and B-Roll video clips of you or your company in its element (working, building, creating, etc).
  • ½ day of shooting to capture everything we need
  • Editing your footage from all the visual gold we captured, into a clean, catchy video that speaks directly to YOUR clients
  • Up to 3 rounds of revisions to fine-tune your masterpiece
  • YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo upload and promotion assistance
  • Highlight and Boosted Video Ad on our Facebook page

So if you think you need a visually stunning video that will attract a larger audience (you do), fill out the form below to get started. We’re waiting to hear from you about taking your marketing efforts to the next level! Costs nothing to chat, brainstorm and bounce ideas back and forth, so reach out!

This is the part where we take our first steps together. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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