The value of SkipperFilms isn’t in the expensive cameras and gear, it’s right here with these beautiful faces. Take a moment to meet our team.


Billy ``Skipper`` Hughes

Owner // Best Dressed

Owner, head honcho, lover of all things camera; Billy's entire life is engulfed in this business, and he loves every minute of it. He built this company on a foundation of fun.

A graduate of American University, a former Junior Olympic Springboard and Platform Diver, and a Pioneer in the early days of Parkour and Freerunning in the United States, Billy has a grab bag of life experiences. Everything from competing against olympians during his teen years, to being on a Parkour competition TV show. But now he is devoted to delivering high-quality films to clients, while building strong personal relationships with everyone he comes into contact with!

Brian Belida

Creativity Czar

Commonly found by Skipper's side at weddings and corporate shoots alike, Brian makes up the other half of the ``Vest Friends`` duo. Long-time friends with Skipper, Brian came aboard in December of 2015 on a small scale, but quickly proved he was not only a talented individual behind the camera, but his personality meshed with the SkipperFilms' team perfectly.

Cracking jokes literally every minute of the day, Brian is an expert at lightening the mood in a room. This might not sound like a tangible asset for a video production company, but it comes in handy when someone needs to relax on camera, or if the crew needs to take a step back and breath while assessing a situation. Totally cool dude, says ``radmobile`` a lot. 10/10 would hire him again.


Amanda Bowen

Edit Wizard

Amanda started with SkipperFilms as a freelance editor to help out with a few heavy projects, but quickly proved to be invaluable to the operation. There are some things, such as true art, that can't be taught. Everyone has their own style, and it just so happens that Amanda's style is pretty amazing.

Studying film at George Mason University, she has a perfect grasp of visual storytelling and creativity. She also spends her time shooting with a popular Washington Capitals Hockey blog, and Billy couldn't be more jealous.

Erin SuJan Kim


One of the most experienced members of our team of misfits, Erin has been behind the camera for a good chunk of her life. All the way from Hawaii, to LA, and now Maryland, she's left a trail of happy clients behind her, and is one of the most fun people to have on a shoot.

Erin also spend her time doing freelance modeling, acting, traveling, being awesome, and spending time with one of the most adorable Labrador Retrievers you'll ever meet, Charlie.


Sam Howells

Resident Tech Pioneer

Sam probably loves cameras, lenses, and support more than any man alive. Staying up to date on all new camera announcements, game-changing revelations in the industry, and neat tips and tricks on how to get the best shots possible.

Sam is youngin', but don't let that hinder you perception of his work. He has a better understanding for what makes a shot great than most film veterans. Not sure how he got so freakishly good, perhaps it's his strict diet of saltines..... only saltines....