The value of SkipperFilms isn’t in the expensive cameras and gear, it’s right here with these beautiful faces. Take a moment to meet our team.


Billy ``Skipper`` Hughes

Owner // Best Dressed

Owner, head honcho, lover of all things camera; Billy's entire life is engulfed in this business, and he loves every minute of it. He built this company on a foundation of fun.

A graduate of American University, a former Junior Olympic Springboard and Platform Diver, and a Pioneer in the early days of Parkour and Freerunning in the United States, Billy has a grab bag of life experiences. Everything from competing against olympians during his teen years, to being on a Parkour competition TV show. But now he is devoted to delivering high-quality films to clients, while building strong personal relationships with everyone he comes into contact with!

Brian Belida

Creativity Czar

Commonly found by Skipper's side at weddings and corporate shoots alike, Brian makes up the other half of the ``Vest Friends`` duo. Long-time friends with Skipper, Brian came aboard in December of 2015 on a small scale, but quickly proved he was not only a talented individual behind the camera, but his personality meshed with the SkipperFilms' team perfectly.

Cracking jokes literally every minute of the day, Brian is an expert at lightening the mood in a room. This might not sound like a tangible asset for a video production company, but it comes in handy when someone needs to relax on camera, or if the crew needs to take a step back and breath while assessing a situation. Totally cool dude, says ``radmobile`` a lot. 10/10 would hire him again.


Amanda Bowen

Edit Wizard

Amanda started with SkipperFilms in 2016 as a freelance editor to help out with a few heavy projects, but quickly proved to be invaluable to the operation. There are some things, such as true art, that can’t be taught. Everyone has their own style, and it just so happens that Amanda’s style is pretty amazing.

Jumping into post production with us early on, photography has become a substantial part of her career. After graduating from George Mason University’s Film Department in 2017, her work in photography skyrocketed in professional sports, covering and contributing to NFL, NHL, and MLB teams in the DMV area. This busy bee is an essential piece to our still image team helping with conferences, events, weddings, portraits, and behind the scenes. Her vision and creativity for visual storytelling always has that cinematic touch.

Alex Mangione

Coffee Snob

Alex is a lifestyle-editorial photographer-videographer coffee lover-maker and freelancer and vlogger. So he naturally has some insanely useful talents to knock out some cool things over here at SkipperFilms. This friendship began in late 2017, when we decided to bring on one extra crew member for a huge conference shoot down in Orlando. We didn't have any more regular freelancers available, so like any great love story, we found some handsome guy on the internet and asked him if he wanted to come with us to Florida 2 days later without ever meeting us. Whatever, it worked, this guy is one of us now! In addition to all of that, he shines as a photographer, and has had the cover photo of two NoVa magazines, Posh Seven and Northern Virginia Style and Living. The fun never stops, and the camera keeps clicking!


Mike Woods

Vice Edit Wizard

Mike Joined our editing team in early 2018 just as he was graduating from George Mason University. We brought him along for a few shoots, but he became really interested in the post production side of things. Working directly with Amanda, Mike knocks out the marathon of editing that is our weddings, before sending the cut-downs up the chain to Amanda.

Mike is also a smarty pants Landscape architect, meaning he's smarter than all of us, and we have to constantly pull rank to keep him in check. We love what he's bringing to the team, and we're all better people for knowing him!