Whether you need a 3-week construction project captured on camera and displayed in a short amount of time, or you really just want your video to stand out… and I mean WAY out from the competition, SkipperFilms has you covered. We offer every kind of timelapse photography or video production you can think of. Here in the Washington DC / Northern Virginia area, we’ve captured dozens of long-term timelapses for clients creating artistic installations on a large lot, or construction projects that change the physical dynamics of the neighborhood it’s built on. But a timelapse video isn’t just limited to capturing long-term ideas, they have a place in almost every kind of video we offer. For our amazing corporate videos, tourism and travel, conference video production, and even our SkipperFilms Promo Video packages, we like to incorporate a small, yet impactful element of time lapse photography/video to further “wow” our clients and their target markets. Take a look at the short Highlight reel below of some of our favorite time lapses from recent projects we’ve completed!

For those of you interested in creating a corporate promotional video to advertise your business or organization, we can almost always find an opportunity to capture a timelapse to add value to your videos. We also love dragging our timelapse rig out to conferences when providing our signature Conference video production coverage all around the country! If you have a concept in mind, just mention it when you reach out to us using the form below or our contact page, or we might just surprise you and do it anyway 🙂  Our number one goal is always to create the absolute best value and return on investment when hiring SkipperFilms to promote your business, this is just one of the ways we do so!


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