We get a lot of emails asking about video production, and we’re always thrilled to help educate everyone who cares to listen to us! But out of the thousands of fantastic conversations we’ve had with our wonderful clients, potential clients, and friends, there are a handful of questions that seem to come up more than others. These are those questions. I’m sure you have more of them if you’re already here, so ask away in the contact form at the bottom and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day!

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What kind of video is right for me? What kinds of videos do you offer?

We’re not the ones to tell you what you need, but we can certainly guide you to the right decision. Are you looking to boost interest in your company, or launch your brand, or simply update your marketing efforts to compete in a media-driven online world? You could probably benefit from a beautifully crafted, and brand-representative promotional video. This kind of video is quickly taking the place of the TV advertisements of old, and are geared towards an exponentially larger online audience. It will typically range from 1-2 minutes in length, but depends on your specific message and the footage needed to tell your story.

Are you putting on a conference, and want to promote the event to boost next year’s sales? You might be interested in our conference services. We are able to record your keynote speakers, presenters and panel discussions for your archives and YouTube channel, along with a Highlight video of the activities that take place during your conference.

We can also create training video content for your team, testimonial videos to praise the quality of your company, Instagram shorts for your social media efforts… the possibilities are endless! Video production is a very diverse genre of media. Send us a line and we can walk you through exactly what you need.


Maybe interested in Tourism and Travel, Live Streaming, Crowdfunding, or Aerial services? For more information about our services contact us today!

I just need a short 2:00 video, that’s easy, right?

We get this assumption a lot. A simple 2:00 video could be anything but simple. If you think about it, a movie trailer requires $100 Million to shoot all the footage, edit and produce it into a movie, then cut that down into a 2 minute video. On the other hand, we could set up a single camera angle on someone’s face as they answered a few questions for 2 minutes. Both scenarios are vastly different, but each give you a 2 minute video. So it’s really about what kind of video you need (see previous question) that would determine the complexity of what goes into those very important 2 minutes.

What does Video Production cost?

This is the doozy. It’s something we’re asked daily, and I hope you believe us when we say “there is no easy answer to this question.” But please read on, there’s some great info and average pricing for anyone considering video production!

There are not only unlimited factors that will affect the price of video production, but also several levels of production we can put into your video. Now, we will always stand firm on never offering a service at a level that is below our quality standards. An increased budget will provide a much higher attention to detail and message, a larger crew that could increase efficiency on-set, more days of production so nobody feels rushed, more attention in post production and animation, and overall, a higher quality product in the end. But we will always provide excellent quality, no matter the level of production offered.

Some items that will affect your investment in video could be: How much footage is required to create this video? What kind of footage is needed (i.e. Can we shoot everything is a day? Are there multiple locations?) How many elements are involved? (i.e. is there 1 person speaking on camera, or 5 people whose scripts need to be spliced together to tell a compelling story?)… and so on.

Each of these items will play a role when we are putting together pricing for you, but it’s always helpful if you have an idea of what range your company is hoping to spend in total. This not only helps us determine how to maximize the value of your ideal price range, but we can also provide insight for you on how to best invest in your video(s). Our main goal is always to provide the best return on investment, so whatever you spend in creating video content, you get right back in increased value in your company!

With all of that said, we’re happy to provide what the average cost of video production tends to run. Granted, every single video is completely different, with a unique set of needs and time requirements, but for the average promotional video, the pricing tends to fall in the $5,500 – $10,000 range. Simpler videos can sometimes come in less than that, more complex videos can easily reach $20,000 or higher per video. The absolute easiest way to really find out what your specific idea might cost is to contact us below. We’re not purposely hiding information from you, it’s just next to impossible to tell you exactly what you will pay without answering a few of our discovery questions. Don’t worry, we’re harmless, it’ll be fun!

Are you able to come to my location? or do I have to shoot my video at your studio?

It’s not often we shoot in-studio. Our style of video usually involves the subject (the person on-camera speaking) to be in their own environment. Almost everything we do is shot on-location because that not only provides a relevant backdrop, but it helps everyone feel more comfortable, and we can limit the amount of time we take you away from your actual work (I mean, our jobs are to shoot great videos, we want to be as flexible as possible so you can get back to doing what YOU do best).

Do you travel outside the Washington DC Area?

Absolutely! We’ve brought our mobile video productions to cities across the world. Of course, travel expenses will be involved, but on the grand scheme of things, those tend to be minimal compared to the overall project rates to create the actual video. Short answer, we love to travel!

How long does it take to finish my video once you are done shooting?

A typical turn around time for the film’s first draft after we have completed shooting is 1-2 weeks. The final video will depend on how many suggested changes/edits are after the first draft. It will also depend on how long it takes to respond to each draft.

With that said, we have successfully completed same day, 1-day, and 2-day turnarounds for rush edits and tight deadlines. Moral of the story is, it’s all possible!

Where is your company based out of? What area do you serve?

Our offices are in Leesburg, VA, and we mainly serve Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland (up to Baltimore), but as we mentioned earlier, we are happy to travel so we can share our wonderful services with the world!

Can I get aerial footage in or of Washington DC?

Unfortunately, no. The FAA has imposed a strict no-fly zone on the 15-mile radius around the White House. That essentially covers everything inside the beltway. Outside of that, we’re happy to put the drones in the air and get some stunning visuals from the sky!

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