Your company is planning it’s annual meeting, hosting a Ted Talk-style presentation, or even just a casual conference to discuss sales, marketing, or any other branch that requires bringing hundreds or even thousands of team members together in one room. With all the advice and statistics that will be passed along during these meetings or conferences, it’s vital that you capture, share, and archive that gold mine of valuable information so you can keep teaching these lessons to your team!

That’s where we come in.

SkipperFilms Conference Team has single-handedly transformed companies’ entire YouTube Channels by covering conferences. There is endless information, which is perfect for content creation. Does your conference have 10 fantastic speakers? That’s 10 fantastic videos, along with a highlight video of the entire event, and a teaser for Instagram. If you plan meetings are are looking for boost you company’s web presence or SEO, this is a great opportunity to do just that.

Our Conference Video Team brings everything you need to capture every kind of event, conference, or meeting for your business in a customized video production service that meets every requirement you might have. Depending on the size or layout of your room, we will bring in 2 to 3 stationary 4K Conference cameras to capture every moment, roving cameras to get into tight spaces for an event highlight video, or event setting up a mobile studio in a separate room for extra content. Our Conference Services are limitless, but based on the many conferences and meetings we have produced in the past, here is a list of items we can provide your company to immortalize the presentations that your guest speakers spent so much time writing and preparing:

  • Full 4K conference record and export
  • Multicam recording and syncing
  • Highlight video
  • Conference lighting
  • Audio tie-in or independent stage microphones
  • Ted Talk-style presentations
  • Mobile studio interviews or testimonials

So if your company is in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, or Maryland area, or are planning a meeting in the area, SkipperFilm Video Production is here to support, capture, record, edit and deliver on all of your conference video needs. All you’ll have to do is just press play.

For more information about our other packages and services such as promotional videos, tourism and travel, corporate videos, please contact us!

To contact us about our conference or meeting video production, please don’t hesitate to fill out the form below and we’ll start the conversation. We can’t wait to make your next big meeting unforgettable (because it was captured on video)!

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