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So this was a really cool job! I know we normally talk about our video production services in the Washington DC, Virginia, or Maryland area, but this was one of the many jobs this past year that had an element of shooting out of state. We love our travel jobs, and this was one that really stood out!

Our super-cool contact, Kate, with Collaborative Solutions dropped us a line back in August of 2018 to produce a couple videos for her team. I use the term “Team” specifically because this group of people didn’t just feel like a company, or organization, or business, they put so much effort into working with their clients and teammates to come up with legitimate solutions with their enterprise cloud consulting services, that they’ve even coined the term “collabies” to describe themselves. That implies that it’s not just about the service or profit, but they really do put the people first. From our first contact, it was clear that company culture was a huge part of how they operate, and they wanted to somehow translate that into video production.

The original scope of work was to create a short series of promotional videos taken at the Workday Rising 2018 conference in Las Vegas. They would arrange for several customers to give testimonials in front of the camera that would then be combined into short videos organized by theme or question. Seemed like a pretty straight forward project, but WE felt like there was more to be had. Now, we here at SkipperFilms don’t push people into spending more, or convincing clients into agreeing to bigger video production projects than what is needed, but if we see an opportunity to increase the scope of work by a little in order to exponentially increase the quality and video value that we offer WITHOUT increasing the budget, then we will be ALL OVER IT. In this case, Collaborative Solutions didn’t have a very restrictive budget, and we just happened to be awesome people in general, so we offered a quick half-day shoot here in the Washington DC market at their headquarters in Reston, VA in order to capture the team working in their environment, along with branding, office environment (which they put a lot of effort into making it a place that helps their company culture grow), and other supporting B-Roll footage. In addition to the half-day shoot locally, we also ensured them that our shoot days in Las Vegas don’t have to be limited to the Interviews alone. We will be there working for them the entire time, so we would be more than happy to utilize our downtime between interviews to capture any B-Roll we can of the Conference. Now, it wasn’t our full Conference Video Production like we normally do, but there was certainly a ton of great stuff to be captured that shows their diversity and team, so we absolutely HAD to capture everything we could!

Now, I say all of this not to show you all how generous we are, or to teach new/potential clients how to squeeze free stuff from us, but to show you an end product that will give our clients SO MUCH MORE return on investment than a simple talking-head interview video with no supporting B-Roll footage to help tell the story. These extra steps we took may have cost us a little bit more in expenses and editing, but it will translate into something we are far more proud of, and hopefully a client that will keep coming back when they need some sweet new video production. This, my friends, will always be far more valuable than saving a few hours of shooting or editing. This is the literal representation of our philosophy that we want to help you, your company, your organization, or team to grow, excel, and mirror your professionalism with amazing video content.

If you’re looking for video production, or even just considering it for 2019 and want to talk it through with someone and get an idea or concept or pricing, please please please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you! GET AT US!

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