Last week, the SkipperFilms team went downtown Washington DC for a shoot with a brand new video production client of ours: Free2Move Car Sharing! As we’re currently editing this masterpiece of hilarity and fun shots, we just wanted to share a little bit of what makes us tick. One of our own, Alex Mangione of Alex Mangione Photography and many of our corporate promotional video shoots over the last year, snapped some behind the scenes photos to show you all a bit of the action that happens on set with us.

As you can probably tell, we like to have a good time, and this specific shoot was more fun than your average brand video shoot! Going in with a script and a general storyline, we spent the day coming up with some creative shots on the spot to fill in the gaps between dialog, and I gotta say, we had a blast with it. Everything from tracking a tricycle, sitting in a trunk to film rolling shots of one of their cars, drive-by high-fives, and just “bro-ing out” to our heart’s content. 

The video is currently in it’s drafting phase, so expect to see something in this space VERY SOON! If you live in Washington DC and want to take advantage of their awesome car sharing service, head over to their website and download their app RIGHT HERE! If you have a fun idea for a brand video for your company, head over to the contact page and drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you and brainstorm some ways to get creative with your marketing! 

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