Well well well. We almost let this one slip on us, but thanks to our wonderful Timehop app, it appears as if it’s the 3rd anniversary of when SkipperFilms OFFICIALLY...

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Wedding Film Spotlight: Derrick & Julia

I figured we could change it up a bit for today’s blog! We normally like to do our best to help out business owners or people in the corporate world...

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Top 4 Tips For Giving On-Camera Interviews or Voiceovers

So it’s your first time on camera, shooting a promotional video for your company, giving a testimonial, or any other reason to be in front of those bright lights. Don’t...

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Video Production: Is it an Art, or Business?

I get that question a lot, “Are you a company or an artist?” The problem is, the only one asking is me. Video Production is by all means a legitimate...

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15% OFF Your Next Video Project! 2016 Kickoff Deal

Sure, starting January 1st, you made the pledge to hit the gym, eat healthy, and whatever else will help you be a better person as your New Year’s Resolution, but...

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This Year in SkipperFilms: 2015

Well, 2015, here we are. Your last day with us here at SkipperFilms; we’re all left with a bittersweet taste in our mouths because of it. There were good times,...

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5 Ways We Take A Company Video From Zero to Hero

I know this might sound like I’m giving away all the wonderful secrets to what we do here over at SkipperFilms, but we stand firmly on the notion that nobody...

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Professionally Produced Video

Look, I’m a video guy. Video is my life, it’s my career, and it’s my passion. So listening to me tell you awesome reasons why you as a business owner...

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