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We’ve been making videos for more years than most 3 year olds can count to (ok, we haven’t been around for crazy long, but a few years), but we’ve never really taken the time and patience to create something for ourselves. I’ve thought about putting together a highlight reel for some time, as most video production companies do so to show off their work, but I’ve been hesitant to follow suit for a number of reasons:

• We pride ourselves in the stories we help our amazing clients tell. A good video isn’t all visual, its about how you tell the story, how you introduce emotions, and how you present the call to action. Taking away all of that would reduce us to simply cameramen, not editors, not producers, and not storytellers.

• Do people really watch a highlight reel when choosing their video production company? Or do they watch a video in their portfolio comparable to the type of video they are looking for? My guess is the latter.

• How would it improve OUR business? All that work we would spend on creating something, only to have it ignored? That would be very off-putting for us.

Fast forward a couple years, and we’re working with our dream clients, on projects that let us spread our creative wings. Each one allows us another opportunity for a Portfolio-grade film at the highest video quality. So I’m back to wanting a reason to combine all of my favorite shots into some type of collection. We’ve just been through a rebrand with our new logo, so what better way to introduce the rebrand than a slick video? The difference is this time, we’ll start treating SkipperFilms as a client, and instead of a highlight reel, we’ll give ourselves the full SkipperFilms storytelling experience! We write a script, we plan our shots, and for 6 months we make it a point to capture some level of behind the scenes footage to add to the pile.
Finally, we land a high-profile kind of job for an Arlington-Based Coffee Shop, Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters. This is the perfect client to really round this project out. So we met them at a medium budget, but offer our full capacity of video production. We bring all of our crew members to help on the shoot, we give it the movie-set treatment, and we assign two of the crew members to capture a solid haul of behind the scenes shots to show us all in action. It was a worthwhile investment, because it got us those remaining clips we needed to complete this awesome Promotional Video for our rebrand marketing push! You can watch the final product below!

Yes, it took far longer than any of our client videos to make, but it was worth all the hassle, headache and hard work. This video is perfectly us, perfectly SkipperFilms, Perfectly Billy, Brian, Amanda, Chris, and Matt. It represents what we stand for and how firmly we stand for it. We provide everything our clients need to make their marketing efforts successful, and their clients impressed. Everyone has a story to tell, and we just want to help them tell it.

If you’re interested in learning more about our process, or having us create a stunning promotional video that tells YOUR story, please contact us today!  We’re now proudly based in Loudoun County, but will still locally serve all of DC, Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland!

Till next time, just press play 🙂

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