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We here at SkipperFilms get a lot of private clients who hire us to produce video marketing content under an NDA, forcing us to keep some of our greatest work in the dark. It’s sad from an artist’s standpoint, but it keeps the lights on! However, when we get to produce public content that our wonderful clients want to blast out to the social world, it give our egos a nice little pat on the back.

Weed Man Lawn Care is a Loudoun County-based company specializing in turning your lawn from a burden into a paradise. Weed Man contacted us because they needed a full internet marketing video ambush in the form of 9 targeted micro-videos, and one main promotional advertisement to feature on their social media channels. Around the Washington DC area, we do a lot of storytelling-style video production, involving a passionate interview, some carefully crafted supporting B-Roll footage, and a little razzle dazzle, but Weed Man wanted a more traditional hard-sell advertisement. Of course we can do it, it’s just not as common of a request these days. We actually love this type of challenge, because it allows us to add in a more extensive storyboarding service to our video production offerings, and flex our killer script-writing skills on top of it. We brought in one of our favorite actors to work with, and he killed it! These videos are launching on Facebook and Youtube, and are already driving tons of traffic to their website. Check the main video below:

If you or your company are looking for a creative video production company in the Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland area, give us a shout! We are standing by, ready to brainstorm your next video project with you. Even if you know you want video to help push your marketing efforts to the next level, but have no idea where to start, let us know! We’re the idea people, we can help guide you to video success!

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