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Hey guys, not sure if you’ve heard but there’s a new realm of social media out there on the world wide web made JUST for photos and videos. It’s called Instagram, and it’s great!

Wait, you’ve heard of it? Ugh, we must be way behind… KIDDING! We’ve been rocking the I-G for a while now, but haven’t fully embraced the concept and how it pertains to Video Production and company promotion until just recently. Initially it was where we posted photos of my pugs and new camera gear we got at the studio, but more and more promotional video clients have been asking for elements of their projects to be produced specifically for Instagram, so we figured we should start offering more and more of the micro-content to go hand-in-hand with our larger productions. Here are the top 4 ways we here at SkipperFilms are using Instagram to help promote our video production services in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland market:

1) Weddings

Weddings are the PERFECT style of video to put up on Instagram. Wedding Videography is one of our main staples of video production from day 1, so we wanted to make this work most of all. Since the start of the 2017 season, we’ve added Instagram videos to our already insanely inclusive wedding videography package, and they are wildly popular!

2) Corporate Content

Like I said, our corporate clients are beginning to figure out the marketing power of Instagram, so it makes sense to plan an attack on ALL channels! Instagram has a 60-second limit on video content, so we can easily include 30  or 60-second advertisements on our feed, but for the longer video projects, we like to create additional micro-videos using the existing footage just for the ol’ insta. It’s rare that we get requests for Instagram-only projects, its mostly and add-on feature to our already robust corporate video production offerings

3) BTS

Its tough to get fun behind-the-scenes photos and video, but we try! We’re usually focussed on the project we are producing, but when we’re in our element and everything is going smoothly, we’ll step back and snap a few cellular-telephone photographs to post later. We post them later because we want our clients to know they are receiving our full and complete attention!

4) SkipperGram Updates

Random pics and video of our daily operations. We have something special here at SkipperFilms. We don’t just produce videos, we promote a strong company culture. Anything from our new office updates, to showing how well we collaborate on a daily basis. Lead producer having a rough day? Let’s go to the waterpark on our lunch break! All of it should find its way to our Instagram feed!


Our feed is definitely more eclectic than some of our photographer or wedding-industry counterparts, but that’s just the nature of what we do. We’re all over the place, and the only way for us to keep track of it, is to document it all on social media! There might be more categories, we’re not limiting what we post! We just want you, our beloved friends and clients, to have a strong insight into company. We don’t think its fair to hoard all the fun for ourselves, so swing on by our instagram feed, click the ‘Follow’ button, and take a trip through our lives if you’re bored!

And if you need to chat about ANY kind of video production project, corporate or wedding videography, slide on into our DM’s, or contact us right here to start the process!

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