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5 Key Factors that Go Into Creating the Perfect Video for your Business:

There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful video marketing campaign for your business. You have to pick your video production company, figure out a concept, close down your shop or location for a few hours while it is shot, etc. But thats just the tip of this cinematic ice burg we call video production. There’s a whole world of to-do’s that we carefully construct and execute to deliver your perfect video. Some of them revolve around timing, some around budget, but they all come together to create something you can be proud of, and with any good video production company, it will come together without you having know a single thing about video producing. BUT, for those of your who have the curious bug and love to pull back the layers and learn a little bit, maybe figure out the easy way (reading this blog post) or the hard way (doing it, wasting your time and money, having to pay someone to do it all over again) that your iPhone that shoots HD or 4K is not all you need to be successful… Fo you, here’s a breakdown of what goes into creating the perfect video for your business 🙂

1) Pre-production, Storyboarding, and Script-writing: One thing that a great production company does is visualize the entire video before it’s even filmed. They are able to paint a figurative, yet vivid picture of what your video might look like. This is not just a testament to their experience, but it’s also the product of rigorous planning, writing, storyboarding and coordination. This sets the stage for how the shoot will go, how the edit will transpire and will put your mind at ease by letting you see your video before it’s even a video!

2) Shooting the Scene(s): This is one of those “scalable” events that can be dictated by your budget. In a perfect world, your chosen video production company will have full control during your shoot along with an appropriately sized crew to provide a high level of efficiency. They will be able to set up a full lighting package, have 3 to 4 different camera angles rolling simultaneously, and provide the highest quality audio through recorders, lapel microphones, boom microphones and proper monitoring. This of course comes at a cost for the proper equipment needed to capture everything exactly how it’s envisioned. Different cameras and lenses produce different images, better mics produce crisper audio and more crewmembers make the shooting time go faster (and allowing you to get back to your daily tasks sooner). The reason I say this step is “scalable,” is because it is, for the most part, dictated by equipment costs. For example: If you decide that capturing high-quality audio is not a necessity, then you may save some money, or if you decide that you want your video shot in beautiful 4K UHD Resolution for future-proofing, then there might be an extra cost associated with using better cameras. Make sense?

3) Editing: After the shoot, you’re still only about halfway there. Your production company has to take that footage and cut together the basic story line as it was laid out in your storyboard and pre-production meetings. Your editor may make several drafts before finalizing the structure of the video, so be patient while they make this bad-boy absolutely perfect!

4) Motion Graphics, Color Grading and Review: The final steps of how a Bill (the Footage) becomes a Law (Your completed video) happen here. The footage has to be colored and adjusted frame by frame to give it that clean look, those awesome 3D Motion graphics that incorporate your logo have to be built from scratch, animated and added into the edit draft and the final draft needs to be reviewed by the one who matters most: YOU. Any needed revisions are made and re-exported to give your company a marketable tool that will set you apart from the competition for years to come!

5) And Most of All, The Exceptional Quality and Your Ease of Mind: Going back to our comment about “Getting HD from an iPhone;” Yes, you get the same number of pixels than a camera 5 times the price, but the difference in price comes down to the creative minds behind the camera. Every production company has their own style, storytelling abilities and capacity, but each one of those has been honed and practiced for years upon years in order to give you the smoothest experience, most successful execution, and most importantly, complete confidence that you are in good and capable hands without having to do it all over again when you realize you forgot to shoot that one scene. This turns the entire process into an enjoyable, stress-free experience with a desirable outcome and end product in the most efficient amount of time and effort. How good does that sound?

So as you can see, a lot happens behind the scenes to create something truly amazing. You should never be expected to know all the ins and outs of video production, but we hope this was able to give you a little insight into what it takes, and what factors might go into budgeting for your future video project.

If you have any questions about any of this, SkipperFilms always offers free consultations. We can help build out and accurately estimate your unique and creative video project with just a phone call, so contact us and let us know how we can help!


-Billy “Skipper” Hughes

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