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Even though we’re two months into the new year, we thought we would share our 2022 memories! It’s been incredible to travel, produce video with new and existing clients, host multiple mini golf invitationals (only we are invited), and hangout with the best group of friends to ever shoot video together. Video production took us away from the Washington DC area a bunch of times, we made our way to Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Nevada, and New York to list a few. We also got hit with crazy weather, lightning storms, heat waves, and monsoon rain. Airline tickets, iconic mini van rentals, and endless cups of coffee made it all at least manageable. In the midst of everything opening up from the pandemic, conferences coming back in-person, and events taking off for the first time in years, we felt very honored to be documenting and creating films at a time like this! As we make our way to 2023, we are very excited to continue traveling and experience all that makes us love what we do!

This year the team did a lot of great team bonding activities. The memories of going to Disney World and eating at an Irish Pub or going to laser tag before a flight just shows that when we get the job done, the team always tries to find new ways to have fun and make memories. You can see some behind the scenes in the highlight of all of us making the most of the time we have together!

Thank you all for an amazing 2022, here’s to what 2023 brings….scratch that, here’s to what we will MAKE, TAKE, AND CREATE in 2023!

If interested in promotional videos, corporate/business, tourism and travel, conferences videos, or more…please contact us today!

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