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So, something that we just realized, we’ve been creating videos for tourism boards and towns for a couple years now, and haven’t directly advertised that we do so. So here it is! The launch of our Tourism, Travel, and Community service page! The team has been going out and filming popular restaurants, local small businesses, beautiful scenic views, events, and interviewing members of the community…. all to show what makes their communities unique and vibrant! This new way of marketing has boomed and has been a great way to bring in people to visit their community and experience it themselves! For the past few years, SkipperFilms has been working with Visit Loudoun, Town of Haymarket, HOA’s and large neighborhoods, and we want to continue creating these videos because it has been wonderful! Bonus, working with Visit Loudoun was no surprise to us that it would be a rewarding experience, because our office right here in downtown Leesburg. It was a total passion project that launched our love for Tourism Video Production!
We are IN LOVE with creating travel videos, and look forward to continuing having these rewarding experiences!
For more information about our Tourism, Travel, and Community Videos please check out our website and If you’re representing a company you can also check out our corporate page for our standard promotional videos!
For more information about our other packages and services such as promotional videos, conferences, corporate videos, or more please contact us!

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