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Whoa, let me tell you about the SkipperFilms team’s latest adventure! We got to hang out with the amazing Sonja Parker, the genius behind Design Box, her awesome team, and some partnering realtors. And let me tell you, it was a blast!

As soon as we walked into the warehouse, carrying our gear, we were transported to a world of pure comfort! Picture shelves upon shelves of fluffy pillows, stunning wall art, and all the things that make a house a home. It was clear that Sonja and her team were experts at creating a cozy and beautiful space.

We chatted with the Design Box staff and some of the realtors who’ve worked with Sonja over the years, and we were blown away by her talent. But get this, she’s now using her skills to help women over 50 build their own amazing wardrobes! How cool is that?

During the interviews, we talked about Design Box and the lifestyle of women in their 50s and beyond. It’s about time that all women feel confident and comfortable in their wardrobe, and Sonja is leading the charge that there’s no age to stop being fabulous! And let me tell you, the charcuterie board we snacked on during the shoot was out of this world.

Afterwards, we made our way to Alexandria and filmed another interview with a local realtor who’d worked with Sonja. The townhouse was staged to perfection and you could feel the energy from the warehouse still buzzing. All of the women were thrilled to be working with Sonja and her vision for creating comfortable, relaxing, and fabulous environments.

These powerful women in the DC area are making a clear statement – women of all ages should continue to shine! And as we edit the promotional video, we know that their powerful message speaks for itself. It’s our job to bring creative ideas to the video, but it’s really all about our clients being themselves and promoting what they love.

So, what’s the power of a promotional video? It’s the people in front of the camera, plain and simple! When we forget about the lights and cameras and just speak from the heart, that’s when the magic happens. We loved working with Design Box and we’re excited to see how their business changes lives!


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