slider2There’s video production, and then there’s video production done by a company who actually cares.

Yes, they should all care to an extent, but it’s the level of care that that I’m referring to. Everyone will over you specs: HD / High Definition or 4K video, superior audio capture for interviews, premium lighting, etc… What you need to shop around for is the PEOPLE behind those lights and cameras.

It’s one thing to treat clients as respectable business patrons, but at SkipperFilms we take pride in treating everyone we work with as if we’ve known them for years. Building a strong personal relationship with clients are one of the major keys to our success, for two great reasons actually:

  1. Ownership: By taking ownership in each and every project and client, we are able to truly understand their message and vision. Text on a screen can only go so far; it’s once we really get to know the person behind the text that we can incorporate so much more into their project. Building these relationships sounds like a lot of work, but it’s as easy as making a new friend (because that’s exactly what it is).
  2. Continued business: When a client sees us as someone they can come to, brainstorm with, speak openly with… hell, even grab a drink with at happy hour, they see us as not only a friend to themselves, but a friend to their business. We love creating these friendships, because they will continue coming back to us for any future video needs (in addition to our stellar craftsmanship!). If we treated everyone as a strict, business-relationship with no personal ties, the decision to shop around for every new production need becomes much easier for them. The more we work with you, the more we understand your brand and the easier the process gets. This leads to cost savings and efficient execution. You like those, right?

So why am I giving away all my success secrets out here on the internet for everyone to see? Because my personality is something a competitor can NEVER sell at a lower price. We take pride in the people who make up this fun-loving Video Production company, because our fun-loving nature makes YOUR video that much better, that much more personalized, that much more creative and unique.

If you think you might need a film company in the Washington DC, VA or MD area who values your company based on the people within it, Let’s chat!

Your friend in Video,

Billy “Skipper” Hughes

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