P9270376Look, I’m a video guy. Video is my life, it’s my career, and it’s my passion. So listening to me tell you awesome reasons why you as a business owner should invest in a high quality business video, is like listening to a used car salesman tell you all about how “a little wear and tear just means the car is tested and has no issues.” It may be true, hell, there’s always some truth to things like this, because the person selling it to you will usually truly believe in the product. But how do you weed through their one-liners and make sure they’re not just smooth-talking you into something you could probably do without? Well, you give them PROOF, and cold, hard FACTS. Below, I’ve compiled a list of 5 Reasons, jam-packed with stats and percentages, why video production is ALWAYS the right choice for your business. It’s almost uncanny how beneficial doing this one thing can be towards your company’s growth! But enough from me, let’s check out some numbers. 


1) Mobile Internet Traffic – It’s MOSTLY Video…

Online video viewing, with the help of the insanely successful spread through social media, now makes up for over 50% of all mobile traffic. In the next 3 years, this number is expected to rise to 80% of Mobile Internet traffic being accredited to online video. And with the mobile phone industry improving screen quality, resolution, and processing power, a high-quality video is more impactful now more than ever.


2) But Will People Get Bored and Move on too Quickly? Nope!

65% of online video viewers will watch more than ¾ of your video. Obviously this depends on your ability to convey a compelling message and provide attractive visuals. That’s where a high-end video production company excels!


3) Age Gap in Technology is a Thing of the Past When it comes to Video

Online video ads are targeted to the young, hip and millennial crowd, right? Wrong! More than 75% of senior executives have jumped on board with watching, clicking, and being affected by videos advertisements online. And here you are, getting in trouble for being on Facebook at work. Everybody does it, so us in the Video Production industry have stopped treating social media as an at-work no-no, and begun treating it as a 24-hour advertising platform.


4) Retention Rates. They are tricky, but Video is the Key

If your site has a video embedded somewhere visible and prominent, viewers will park their butts on your landing page for a whopping extra 2 minutes. If you’re not a marketing guru, that may not sound like much, but that is a MASSIVE hurdle that becomes exponentially harder to accomplish with simple text or even images. I’m not saying you should get rid of text and photos, absolutely not! I’m using plain text to talk to you right now, so it can’t be that bad. You need text, you need images…. But you also need video.


5) Marketers Love It. And You Should Definitely Listen to Them.

What do marketers say? Over 50% of them claim video to be the medium with the absolute best return on investment. ROI is an important term for us at SkipperFilms. Because you’re not buying a video. It’s not like throwing money at a new ping-pong table for the office. Video Production is an investment in your company. It’s your customer’s window into your business, and your business’s lifeline to new customers.


We here at SkipperFilms take great pride in what we do, because we know it works. Hopefully this will help you understand a little bit about why we’re so passionate about it, and helps add credibility to our words when we tell you how well it works. We make your business better, and we do so with a smile on our face, because good videos also makes OUR business better.

If you’d like to learn more about what SkipperFilms can do for your business video in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, and beyond, Click here, and if you own a startup or small business, be sure to check out our special package made just for you right here! We’re here to help, so don’t ever hesitate to contact us for a friendly chat!

Thanks for tuning in!

-Billy “Skipper” Hughes

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