What is it about video that arrests our attention? We make books into movies, instruction manuals into training films, and memories into video clips. Video engages both our hearing and our vision, and when we’re presented with something creative that engages our imagination, we’re hooked. You got us.

This beautiful reality fires our passion at SkipperFilms. We understand the allure of innovative, gorgeous visuals – we understand that they have the magic to capture what people may miss: the heart of your business. That is why we create unique video productions for our clients. We find the appeal, the fun, the awe in your product or business and capture it in 4k resolution, which surpasses HD. Our skillful editors then take the information we got from you in your free consultation, and they combine everything into a video that showcases the vibrant heart of your business or product.

From their first glimpse, prospective customers will be drawn in by the silk-smooth quality of the video, thanks to our cutting-edge camera techniques and technology. They will be intrigued by the story our camera shots tell – a story we will draw out for you on storyboards before filming. They will fully understand your mission, your product, your point, because, during our free consultation, we will have gotten to know you and your vision. They will find your video easily thanks to our marketing skills. And finally, they will watch the video until the end, unable to pull themselves away.

If you are in Washington D.C., Virginia, or Maryland, let us at Skipperfilms use our commercial video services to get your heart out there. Customers are waiting to fall in love with it!

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