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I know it’s cliché to keep saying this, but man, things are sure different this past year. Everyone is pivoting, figuring out ways to stay floating, and getting creative in how they grow their business. WELL, so are we I guess! FitFighter has been a fun and exciting new entry into our client portfolio, and they continue to push our creativity envelope (in a good way) to reveal what we are capable of. Not only are we providing them with whatever video production needs they might have, which has included a Black Friday live workout for their products, filming the update for ABC’s Shark Tank (which they were on, and successfully invested in), and editing daily content for their online fitness platform and app. But to take this a step further, they came to us with a need that we knew were were capable of filling, but hadn’t done anything like it on this scale before…. Build two studios that are turn-key, easy to operate for non-video professionals, and have live switching and live-streaming capabilities along with the ability to record in 4K.

We spent weeks building parts lists, creating renderings, wiring diagrams, workflow documents, and making sure we had every little detail covered. All that hard work paid off, there were no snags or issues, and what we designed on paper was perfectly executed on site! We brought in a true professional and great friend, Mark Toorock of American Parkour to build a stage. We figured, since he spends all day every day building equipment for people to jump on, this would be a walk in the park. You could park a car on that stage and it wouldn’t even think about bowing in the middle.

Anyway, it was a fun project, we brought along a little behind the scenes camera to capture some of the fun! Check the video out below!

If you, your company, or organization would like to chat about our mobile studio building services, please feel free to reach out! This may be our first actual client studio build, but this is just proof of our vast knowledge of what gear and system is appropriate for any situation. On to the next challenge!

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