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Remember that HUGE video series we did for Loudoun County’s Tourism board, Visit Loudoun? Well, it was a hit. Not just in the million or so views it’s gotten through Facebook and YouTube, but in a sense that it won a PLATINUM VIDDY AWARD for Marketing Campaigns! That’s right, our entire summer was spent getting thousands of shots, and hundreds of locations around Loudoun County, and it paid off…. BIG. 

It was an amazing project to work on. We bought rounds of drinks for countless participants and actors, we were fed the most outstanding dishes the area has to offer, sampled wine from Virginia’s greatest wineries, and overall got an all-access pass to the best of the best in Loudoun. It was an experience, and one we will never forget. 

Fast forward to now. Visit Loudoun entered the entire marketing campaign into the running for the Annual Viddy Awards, and to our humble surprise, we were selected as a top honor winner with a Platinum Award… seriously, the trophy is sitting right behind me as I type this. We can’t believe it either!

We put our heart and soul into every video we create, and typically our larger projects involve us traveling outside the Washington DC area to create videos and content, but this allowed us to do so with our own backyards and hometowns, so there was an extra level of seeing what we’re capable of, spoiler alert, we’re capable of a lot. If you are someone working with a tourism board or on behalf of an amazing destination, and need video production in the Washington DC, Virginia, or Maryland area (or hell, anywhere on earth because planes exist) and you’re interested in our *Cough* award winning video production, Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us today to talk through what we can do to bring more visitors to your great location! 

Happy Traveling!

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