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We’re excited to reveal the immense effort that goes into crafting our epic event video for the Audi Twin Cup! Additionally, we can’t wait to share insider insights about our dedicated team, reliable travel gear, and the enjoyable activities we engage in during our well-deserved downtime.

The Audi Twin Cup holds a special place in our hearts as our favorite event of the year. Our hardworking team, including Billy, Brian, Megan, Devon, Alex, and Sara, had a crucial mission during our trip—to capture behind-the-scenes footage and create an engaging vlog. Sara has been sorting through the footage, reliving the unforgettable moments. Through this vlog, we aim to showcase our passion for working with Audi and our love for this even. When we’re able to, we love taking full advantage of our surroundings, especially if we’re in Orlando, Florida. We’re excited to share our filming and editing experience, our adventure at Disney World, our intense Mini-Golf tournament, and the night trips to Disney Springs!

This video truly encapsulates our team’s essence, showcasing us as both skilled professionals and fun individuals. What sets our Audi Twin Cup projects apart is the fact that we present the final video at the event itself! That means you’ll not only witness us in action during the filming process but also get a sneak peek into our late-night editing sessions.

So, get ready to dive into the captivating world of the Audi Twin Cup through our behind-the-scenes video. We’re proud to share our journey, and we hope it captures the excitement, dedication, and love we pour into our work. Join us as we explore the behind-the-scenes of SkipperFilms and the incredible Audi Twin Cup event – it’s a project like no other!

For now, Here are some more BTS photographs of the trip! We will be sharing our vlog in our social media profiles! Please check out our Audi Twin Cup 2023 Blog too for more details about our trip!

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