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AUDI TWIN CUP 2023 WAS AMAZING! The SkipperFilms team is ecstatic to share our thrilling adventure at Audi Twin Cup 2023 in Orlando! We couldn’t contain our excitement about documenting this extraordinary event and the incredible team behind it…so a behind-the-scenes vlog is coming soon! But for now, here is a little description of our adventure with Audi Twin Cup 2023! Our amazing SkipperFilms team went to Orlando to document the competition, have adventures during our breaks, and experience the grand finale at the Audi Twin Cup Gala…well we have a lot to talk about in the blog! Audi Twin Cup is an annual event that brings together the top of Audi Sales and After-Sales employees from around the country. This prestigious competition showcases their exceptional skills, knowledge, and dedication in delivering an outstanding customer experience! It’s a week filled with challenging tasks, team spirit, and the celebration of Audi’s commitment to their work!

At Audi Twin Cup 2023, we were thrilled to welcome Devon Rowland join the team for the week! With a clear division of responsibilities, we (Sara, Megan, Alex, Billy, Brian, and Devon) divided into separate teams to ensure every aspect of this

grand event was captured! Alex and Devon took charge of photography, Megan and Brian worked on videography, while Billy and Sara focused on videography and editing. By collaborating and harnessing our individual strengths, we were able to conquer multiple locations and provide a comprehensive coverage of the event! This year, we were fortunate to stay at the beautiful Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate! Grateful to Audi for their generosity, we not only enjoyed the luxurious accommodations but were also given the opportunity to visit Disney World! Sara and Billy embraced this chance and embarked on a magical adventure, capturing Audi Twin Cup participants as they experienced the wonders of the Magic Kingdom. Such incredible experiences added an extra layer of joy to our already memorable trip — our dreams really did come true!

Amidst our busy schedule, we firmly believe in building strong bonds and making cherished memories as a team! Our trusty minivan took us to the legendary SkipperFilms Mini Golf Putt Putt tournament, where friendly competition filled the air. This time a storm kicked us out, but regardless Brian is somehow always winning! But it came very close! If you’re curious about the rules, check out our Instagram @skipperfilms for a glimpse of how it works! Additionally, we made it a tradition to visit an Irish Pub at Disney Springs, relishing delicious food and immersing ourselves in the delightful ambiance of Irish music.  Alex seized the opportunity to capture the breathtaking sunset on his film camera, we hope to share his behind-the-scenes on film and show on our social media! This year too Billy created some amazing merchandise and we got to show off some amazing SkipperFilm crew shirts!

The night of the Audi Twin Cup Gala is an unforgettable experience that serves as the culmination of the event. As the audience eagerly awaited the highlight film, the atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement. We got to create two films this year, one used as a  humorous scripted opener and the other showcasing the entire week! We were so excited to showcase the incredible moments we captured throughout the week and hear the laughs in the audience! Witnessing the announcement of the winners and their journey to Audi Worlds is always the best part of the experience! Audi also treated everyone to an after-party at The Edison in Disney Springs, providing us with yet another opportunity to capture the celebration and raise a toast to an unforgettable trip! Audi Twin Cup holds a special place in our hearts as one of our favorite events of the year. We feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Audi, especially in the context of this exceptional competition. The hard work and dedication displayed by so many individuals makes our job easy, their hard work shows in these films and we just got to capture it! Being part of the media team for the week, allowed us to showcase their incredible achievements. We cannot wait for the next Audi Twin Cup!

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