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Sure, starting January 1st, you made the pledge to hit the gym, eat healthy, and whatever else will help you be a better person as your New Year’s Resolution, but if you’re a business owner like me, you can’t help but give the same treatment for your company. You want the best for it, and you told yourself “this will be our year!”

We not only applaud your motivation and dedication, but we’re going to up the ante and help you reach those new year goals. SkipperFilms is offering 15% off of your next corporate video project if you book with us before January 31, 2016! The video can be shot later on, but you have to book before the end of the month to take advantage of this AWESOME deal! This great opportunity is not only applicable to anyone in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland, but can be applied to any corporate project in the continental United States; we’ll bring the magic to you! (Travel fees and expenses not included in our 2016 kickoff deal.)

Everyone knows proper marketing is what drives customer leads and web presence; and at the epicenter of marketing, is good ol’ high-quality, professional Video Production. Poor video production can be underwhelming, lackluster and can easily hurt you and your company; great video production can grow your business exponentially, which is exactly what we want for you! OH and just so you’re aware, we at SkipperFilms strive to make great, unique and creative videos to help business owners just like you!

So do your business a solid, and Contact Us today to start the new year right and get the ball rolling!

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