Well, 2015, here we are. Your last day with us here at SkipperFilms; we’re all left with a bittersweet taste in our mouths because of it. There were good times, some not so good, but all in all, you were a year of smiles, building business, booking more weddings than we’ve ever booked before, expanding our offerings, our team, our clients, and having more fun than ever! So I wanted to give you all a little look back at how we made it all happen. Here are our 4 keys to a successful 2015, along with what we look forward to in the New Year!

  • We love weddings. They are a blast, they are a source of wonderful and consistent business, and the end product produces more happiness than we can ever imagine, and that just fills our hearts. We took on about 25 weddings in 2015, and that was more than any year prior. It’s an amazing feeling, but also a realization that we now want to start limiting ourselves on the number of weddings we take on. 25 is about all we would like to handle in an effort to preserve quality over quantity, and we’re absolutely fine with keeping quality at the top notch!
  • We dove head-first into 4K video. It may be considered ahead of its time, but 4K video is gaining traction, and SkipperFilms holds a firm stance on the cutting edge of all things video. This includes offering our clients ways to future proof their videos, and shooting video in 4K resolution does just that. We couldn’t be happier with how our image quality has benefited from this change!
  • We are finally shifting focus on to our own SEO and Marketing. Our clients came from all corners of the Internet and social networks, but 2015 saw SkipperFilms really stepping back to hone in on our SEO efforts. Our site got an overhaul, we’re running successful ads on Facebook and Google, and our Google ranking is climbing! Once we crack that coveted first page listing, we’ll have even more growth to look forward to!
  • And most importantly, family. Our Skipperfilms family grew tenfold this year. New and eager shooters and editors are on board, we gained a Business Developer to help build our sales force and land bigger and more creative projects, and the talent pool is overflowing with positive energy. So Brian, Other Brian, Patrick, Erin, Sam, Nathan and Ryan, Thanks for being such a big part about what makes us great. Can’t wait for what is in store for 2016, you guys are simply fantastic 🙂

2016 will be the culmination of EVERYTHING we did in 2015. With Brides and Grooms booking up fast, new services such as 360° Video and Virtual Reality, and even more projected growth, there will be no stopping us. We’re looking forward to pushing the envelope, and bringing our clients happiness and success, stronger marketing campaigns, and millions upon millions of dollars that they should probably share with us!

Happy New Year to you all! Make 2016 the best version of yourself and your business that has ever existed!

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