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I figured we could change it up a bit for today’s blog! We normally like to do our best to help out business owners or people in the corporate world with tips on how to get the most our of your Video Production Company. However, right now we’re feeling particularly inspired by our own wedding films as well, so we want to share it with the world! We had a busy fall and winter season, and just before we dive head first into the spring Wedding Videography season, we figured we share a little love with our audience who may or may not have even been to our Wedding Videography Page.

To summarize, our company started in the wedding industry, and we’ve naturally grown into the corporate world. As we grew, we got a lot of advice to dump the wedding world for bigger and better things, but that rubbed us the wrong way for 2 reasons: 1) The Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland area is basically one constant wedding. There are more weddings in this metropolitan area than you can shake a bouquet at. And 2) We LOVE shooting weddings. It’s fun, we get to make new friends, it’s where SkipperFilms was born, and to purposely toot our own horn, we’re damn good at it. For those reasons, we’re not letting go any time soon!

Now, let’s get to the point of this post. I wanted to highlight a specific wedding we shot and produced for a WONDERFUL couple named Derrick and Julia. These two just oozed happiness, and it couldn’t have made our jobs easier. The other factors that amounted to the video above being just freakin’ perfect, was the stunning venue (Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery), some awesome Photographers (Allison Maxwell Photography), and the fact that they were the first couple to take advantage of SkipperFilms shooting their entire wedding in GLORIOUS 4K Resolution. So above is their Wedding Film trailer, it’s a peek inside their wedding day, but below, if you have about 37 free minutes in your day and a handful of tissues handy, you can experience their love-filled wedding day from start to finish!

I hope this was a nice break from our regularly scheduled programming of corporate video production blog topics, a healthy mix is just that, Healthy! Enjoy life to the fullest, hopelessly love the ones who love you back, and always remember to capture those big moments on video 🙂

If you have any questions about our services (Wedding or Corporate), please don’t ever hesitate to Contact us! We’re always happy to talk about ourselves 😉

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