Well well well. We almost let this one slip on us, but thanks to our wonderful Timehop app, it appears as if it’s the 3rd anniversary of when SkipperFilms OFFICIALLY opened it’s doors. We did plenty of work before that, but 3 years ago today was the day our fearless leader, and super handsome founder, Billy Skipper Hughes, quit his full-time job to pursue his dream.

Over those 3 years, we’ve built countless relationships with clients, partners, team members, and friends. Sure, we’ve made some slick videos, tear-jerking wedding films, mega-successful corporate promotional videos, and a grab-bag of anything else that can be represented on video, but it’s the real people we’ve made a close connection with that makes everything we do so rewarding.

Being a Video Production company in the Washington DC area is tough. The high level of production quality, complexity, and expectations are what make the market around here cut throat, but the inverse to that, is there is no shortage of new, fun clients, ready to take our creativity for a spin. It’s for that reason we are where we are today. We love this area, we love our clients, and we love what we do! Here’s to doing it for many more years!

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