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I know it seems like we post a lot about Audi, and I hope that doesn’t make it sound like we’re a one-client kinda gal! NO, we are just insanely proud to continue providing sweet cinematic video production to: A) a large brand that is fun to say we do work with, and B) a large brand who legitimately appreciates and loves our work behind the camera! 3 years ago, we bid on a corporate video production job for this big name company. Audi of America corporate reached out to us (and probably 5 other companies) to cover a REALLY cool event, and we knew we had to do everything in our power to land this job. We did, and we got the job. We knocked it out of the park, and they didn’t hesitate to bring us back a second, and then third year. Super happy wit

h our relationship we’ve build with really cool people, but in all of that, other departments began to notice our work, and we started expanding our offerings to other areas/departments. We shot a conference for them, some training videos, some more training videos, and just recently we created some educational style videos that will help dealerships with quality control and customer transparency.

I keep having to tell myself that we’re a Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland-area video production company, but we’ve been all over the place. This

most recent one was in Denver, CO at the Audi Flatirons dealership. Interviewed a couple technicians and executives out there, along with shooting the process of completing a multi-point inspection. You may not be interested in it, so just enjoy the sweet pictures and the dope video we just HAD to get when we saw they had a giant turntable for cars!

Looking forward to working the Audi some more! And if you’re a part of an organization that is interested in having us create some sweet videos for your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Sure, we work with Audi, but we also work with small businesses and everything in between! We’d love to hear from you 🙂

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