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SkipperFilms recently had the opportunity to travel to Nashville, Tennessee to shoot with Color Burst Landscaping. The team captured multiple locations around Nashville, and we all enjoyed capturing the landscapers doing their work!

Nashville is known for its beautiful scenery and vibrant culture! The weather was sunny and bright, which made for ideal shooting conditions. Billy, Alex, and Sara were excited to explore all that Nashville had to offer, and it was actually Sara and Billy’s first time visiting. We were all thrilled and excited to work with such a talented team and capture their work for advertising purposes! The team at SkipperFilms worked closely with the landscapers at Color Burst Landscaping to ensure that every shot was captured to perfection.

In addition to capturing the beauty of Nashville’s landscape, the team at SkipperFilms also had the chance to explore the city and have some fun. During their downtown adventure, they visited Broadway, a famous street lined with honky-tonk bars, live music venues, and restaurants. They also tried some delicious Korean BBQ and visited an old arcade, which was a blast from the past.

The team’s visit to Nashville was not only about work, but also about experiencing the unique culture and flavor of the city. Nashville has a lot to offer, from its rich musical heritage to its thriving food scene, and the team at SkipperFilms was excited to immerse themselves in it all!

As a video production company that specializes in landscape companies, SkipperFilms is always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities to capture the beauty of different landscapes around the country. Their partnership with Landscape Leadership allows us to work with a wide variety of landscape companies, which gives us the chance to travel and explore different parts of the country!


Overall, the team’s trip to Nashville was a great success. They were able to capture the beauty of the city and the work of Color Burst Landscaping, while also enjoying some of the unique experiences that Nashville has to offer. The team at SkipperFilms is looking forward to continuing their work with Landscape Leadership and exploring more landscapes around the country.


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