SkipperFilms, a video production company based in Washington DC and Virginia, collaborates with businesses nationwide. We do a lot of Landscape films due to our partnership with Landscape Leadership. Lawn and Pest Solution, located in Mississippi, recently became our newest partner. This marks our inaugural project with them, presenting an opportunity to explore innovative filming techniques.

Our approach involved capturing client testimonials and conducting interviews with the dedicated individuals at Lawn and Pest Solution. Employing a mix of scripted teleprompter footage, engaging B-Roll, and a 2-angle talking head format, we aimed to showcase the company’s services in a visually compelling manner. Our versatile filming methods included the use of gimbals, sliders, tripods, and handheld equipment.

At SkipperFilms, we thrive on bringing creativity to each project, and our collaboration with Lawn and Pest Solution was no exception. If you’re intrigued by this style of video production and eager to elevate your marketing efforts, we invite you to initiate a conversation with us through our contact page.

Let’s explore how we can craft a visually stunning representation of your business!

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