Even though SkipperFilms is a Washington DC and Virginia-based video production company, we work with businesses all over the country. Grassperson is a landscaping company based in Texas. We’ve actually worked with many Landscaping companies thanks to our partners at Landscape Leadership, a marketing company specifically for companies in the landscaping industry. This is SkipperFilms’ second time working with Grassperson, and we really enjoyed this informational format. We mixed scripted teleprompter footage of a hired actor with existing footage we captured when we were on-site with them in 2022. We used a combination of B-Roll filmed on our gimbals, sliders, tripods, and handheld with a 2-angle talking head format for the dialog.

If you’re interested in this style of video production, reach out to us through our contact page to start the conversation of how we can create something visually stunning to springboard your marketing!

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