SkipperFilms, a renowned video production company based in Washington DC and Virginia, is passionate about capturing the vibrant essence of events. One event we particularly love covering is the Waterford Fair in Waterford, Virginia.

At SkipperFilms, our expertise extends to event coverage that tells a dynamic and engaging story. The Waterford Fair, spanning multiple days, provides us with an exciting canvas to capture the essence of the event. Throughout the fair, we meticulously film B-Roll showcasing various aspects, from mini-activities and lively food trucks to the diverse array of shoppers exploring the event. Our team employs versatile filming techniques, utilizing a combination of equipment such as gimbals, sliders, tripods, and handheld devices to ensure we capture the vibrant atmosphere of the Waterford Fair. The multi-day nature of the fair allows us to craft a comprehensive visual narrative that encapsulates the unique experiences and energy present throughout the event.

If you’re considering event coverage that goes beyond the conventional and truly captures the spirit of your occasion, we invite you to start a conversation with us through our contact page. Let’s explore how SkipperFilms can bring creativity and a visually stunning representation to your events, making them memorable for both participants and viewers alike!

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