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At SkipperFilms, we’re no strangers to going on whirlwind adventures to do what we love. Last week, we went to Kansas City, Missouri, as we reconnected with the incredible High Prairie Landscaping Company for the second time. We are so grateful with our partnership with Landscape Leadership which allows us to traverse around nation!

Our adventure kicked off on a seemingly ordinary Monday. The airport buzzed with anticipation as we breezed through security, eating some delicious Wow Bao. A sudden tornado watch swept through the airport, casting an unexpected twist in our travel plans. In the blink of an eye, our flight was no longer delayed but canceled, leaving us in a state of limbo. We had no choice but to reschedule our shoot.

As days shifted and calendars were adjusted, we found ourselves back at the airport that Wednesday. We’re so thankful for High Prairie for their flexibility and understanding as we navigated these unforeseen challenges!

This time, we turned our attention not just to High Prairie’s amazing landscaping skills but also their new venture into pool services. The incredible makeover of their very first pool left us amazed. It was beyond words! We used our cameras to tell the story of High Prairie’s journey from the perspective of the happy owners. They shared how their outdoor space had transformed into a peaceful escape – a personal sanctuary.

On the second day, we took our cameras inside High Prairie’s office to see how they work behind the scenes. We moved around to different places, capturing all the different things they do. And then, before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to Kansas City! Even though the airport hiccup added a day at the airport, the whole experience was definitely worth it. High Praise Landscaping Company’s dedication to doing great work, their collaboration with Landscape Leadership, and their willingness to roll with the punches really struck a chord with us at SkipperFilms.

As we settle back into our usual routines, the memories of this short but meaningful journey are still fresh in our minds. The connections we formed, the creative moments we captured, and the stories we collected are proof of how powerful teamwork and adaptability can be. Our cameras may have focused on landscapes and pools, but it was the people and their enthusiasm that truly made this feel like a week-long adventure. As we await our next adventure, we’re incredibly thankful for every moment that added to our storytelling experience. Cheers to High Praise Landscaping Company, Landscape Leadership, and the vibrant city of Kansas City for embracing us and allowing us to add another chapter to the SkipperFilms story!

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