We all know content is king. The more content you put in front of your audience, the more your audience will remember your brand. The best performing content? Videos. What’s even better? a GOOD video! Now that the summer months are in full effect, and we’re being blessed with blue skies and amazing foliage here in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland area, here are a couple reasons you should think about hiring a video production company to knock out that film project ASAP.

  1. Like I said, the weather is top notch right now. If you own or work for a business with a storefront, in a recognizable building or even with your logo on the exterior, now is the time to capture it. The grey winter months wont let those colors pop, the leaves will be gone, and the grass will be brown. Having snow on the ground in your video will lock your viewers into thinking this is a winter-only business, but having beautiful weather somehow applies all year round (I know, double standards. But it’s science, you wouldn’t understand).
  2. Attitudes! Your employees have a MUCH higher chance of appearing chippy and excited about the business on camera now, than when the winter blues hits them. Sure, people can be happy all year, but there’s nothing like the cheer that warmth brings. Also, going back to the weather, heavy jackets and thick sweaters will also associate you with the winter months.
  3. I can’t speak for any other companies, but I can tell you that SkipperFilms will abide by #1 and #2 above as well 🙂 Having a happy video crew will result in more passion and creativity, and we just LOVE being outside!

These points aren’t necessarily the end-all-be-all, but just some good motivation to start talking about your next video project. We obviously are happy to produce anything, at any time for you, but the world should know about the benefits of producing video when the weather is nice, the sun is out, and the creative juices are flowing!

If what I explained above struck a chord with you, and you realize your company needs some amazing video work, you can always reach us on our Contact Page! If you want to learn more about what we can offer, click here. Feel free to browse our work as well to get the wheels turning. We look forward to hearing from you, we’ll be waiting with our feet up, sunglasses on, and Coronas in-hand!

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