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ECHO, is one of many of our favorite organizations to work with at SkipperFilms! ECHO champions the rights of individuals with disabilities, recently hosted an epic event called “Echo’s Big Day Out,” and we got to join in on the fun!!! It was a day filled with fun activities, high energy dancing, and just plain awesomeness all around. The team got to be behind the camera, but we also got to speak to many people in the organization — and left the event filled with tremendous joy! ECHO is on a mission to empower individuals with disabilities, providing them with job training, coaching, and placement opportunities! They believe that everyone deserves a chance to unleash their superpowers and lead a fulfilling life.

ECHO’s Big Day Out was like a carnival of joy, bringing together participants, families, and supporters from all walks of life. Picture this: music, mind-blowing cotton candy and magician artist, interactive activities, and a lot of dancing!  These two powerhouses teamed up to create something truly special. The SkipperFilms team is always blown away by our experience at ECHO, and we fully love supporting their mission. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to document the Big Day Out! And it truly was just pure awesome! Our team made sure every heartwarming moment was captured, preserving memories that capture a truly amazing day. From jaw-dropping performances to heartwarming encounters, we hope to bring out the essence of the Big Day Out!

ECHO’s Big Day Out was a spectacular celebration of abilities, empowerment, and community! It showcased the incredible achievements of individuals with disabilities and reminded us all of the power of inclusivity! We are so happy to sponsor ECHO for their continued success and on-going commitment to continue making individuals shine! Their mission to empower and uplift individuals with disabilities, will continue to change lives, no doubt about that!

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