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At 12:01am on January 20th, our government shut down, leaving hundreds of thousands of skilled, wonderful, and hard-working people without a means to pay their bills. There no guessing on how long it will last, and being 10 days from the next month, some might be pressed to pay the bills. As unfair as it is, income is still an issue, and SkipperFilms wants to help! SO, any government employees in the Washington DC, Virginia, or Maryland area currently looking for some work to pass the time and help pay the bills, shoot us an email on our contact page HERE, and we’ll see what we can do. We have a few shoots booked for the coming weeks that we can easily add 1-2 assistant positions on. its not full time, but every little helps. If you’ve ever worked with a Video Production company, or on video shoots in any fashion, or even just curious about the world of cinematography and film, please don’t hesitate to hit us up. We have unskilled position needs every now and then, but bonus if you have any camera experience!

Any businesses reading this that want to help while getting helped? We’ll offer a $500 discount to anyone who books a shoot during the government shutdown to allow us the opportunity to bring on some government employees. You can check out some of our work here, and contact us here if you want to chat about your vision and business goals!

Thanks everyone!



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