So what does video production cost?

That’s a loaded question, for sure, but how could you know that? WHY should you be expected to know that? It’s not your job to be an expert on how to produce high-quality corporate videos, nor should it be. There are tons of factors, like what market you are in (the Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland Video Production market is MUCH different than, say, Boise, ID)? In a growing or successful company, one gleaming realization is that most things are “best left to the pros.” Yes, you could probably figure out how to fix the drywall in your office, or spend a week restructuring your IT security, but that’s precious time that you could be, you know, doing your job. Video Production is no different.

There are people out there who passionately dedicate their lives to knowing exactly how to conceptualize, execute and market your video to be not only of amazing resolution and quality, but properly structured, scored, timed and composed. Every video is different and handcrafted to be uniquely representative of your company, so it’s almost impossible to determine a cost without a brief discussion about the details of the project, and even then there could be a handful of variables that will still drastically effect your investment.

However, if it’s numbers you want, it’s numbers you’ll get! On average, depending on your needs, location, number of shooting days, crew size, talent, studio or set, and how many videos you require, you can expect to pay somewhere around $4,000 – $7,000 for a simpler, single-day shoot video with less complexity, and up to $15,000 – $30,000 for a more robust, multi-day shoot with a larger crew, better efficiency, heavy animation, and multiple videos. Please note, we’ll never propose a video at a price point that decreases quality below our own standards. Anything we produce for you, start to finish, will be of the high quality that makes us the video production company that we are. We will simply propose different levels of production to help meet your budgetary goals.

I know, that’s a wide range, but some factors to consider are: do you want a 1 minute talking-head video with no B-Roll supporting footage, or a 40 minute training video? Does that 1-minute talking head video have 10 different speakers that can’t be on-set on the same day so it takes 10 days to shoot? These are the variables we mean. As with most things, there is always a way to get it done for less, and there are factors that can make it much more expensive. The only way to know is to pick up the phone and talk it out with one of us! More times than not, we are interested in finding ways to meet your budget and making your vision a reality.

Pro-Tip: If you plan on creating a series of videos, you can potentially save a lot by booking them at the same time. A good, customer-facing production company (like us here at SkipperFilms!) will value your continued business over making the maximum dollar figure on each video! Just let us know what your company’s marketing plan and needs are, and we’ll build a customized quote for you that takes these types of items into consideration.

I know it’s a daunting task to find the right video production company for your company. More than likely, you’ve been told to collect pricing first and we’ll decide based on that, but if you’ve been paying attention, that requires a bit of time invested on your part to talk through the project with us. But, if you’re just looking for a nice, broad range of pricing, we developed this helpful guide just for you to follow when developing your video marketing budget!

If you have any questions about any of this, SkipperFilms always offers free consultations. We can help build out and accurately estimate your unique and creative video project with just a phone call or email, and you can get started right here in the form below!

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