Government Shutdown = SkipperFilms Job Opportunities

At 12:01am on January 20th, our government shut down, leaving hundreds of thousands of skilled, wonderful, and hard-working people without a means to pay their bills. There no guessing on...

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Caffeinated Case Study: Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters

Happy New Year!

Another year down, and boy what a year! SkipperFilms found themselves in Phoenix, Orlando, San Francisco, Denver, Southern California, Dallas, and all over the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland area...

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5 Key Factors that Go Into Creating the Perfect Video for your Business:

5 Key Factors that Go Into Creating the Perfect Video for your Business: There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful video marketing campaign for your business. You have...

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Instagram. We has it.

Hey guys, not sure if you’ve heard but there’s a new realm of social media out there on the world wide web made JUST for photos and videos. It’s called...

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Video Release: Weed Man Lawn Care Advertisement

We here at SkipperFilms get a lot of private clients who hire us to produce video marketing content under an NDA, forcing us to keep some of our greatest work...

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Official SkipperFilms Promotional Video Launch!

We’ve been making videos for more years than most 3 year olds can count to (ok, we haven’t been around for crazy long, but a few years), but we’ve never...

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SkipperFilms is Moving to Leesburg!