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Alibi Cameras

Alibi Cameras

As much as we prefer to have a complete shift of surveillance technology from analog to digital, it is impossible when you have a significant infrastructure of old cameras. The installation team will advise you to create a hybrid system that offers improved services with digitized IP camera.

Benefits of using Alibi cameras


Hybrid surveillance systems have dominated the market because of affordability and an easy integration process. Alibi cameras can work in collaboration with traditional models to give the intended purpose. 


Alibi IP cameras come in three models:

  • Bullet cameras

The IP bullet camera has a resolution of three megapixels and an HD feature of 1080 HD. The fixed lens has a 3.6 mm and a varifocal lens of 2.8 to 12 mm. The IR options 65’ and 100’ are customized to help capture high definition pictures. Smart technology sensitizes IR by preventing glares of light.

  • Dome camera

Dome cameras have a six megapixel and a HD resolution of 1080. The lenses measure the same as that of the bullet cameras. The day and night capture sharp images that retain their quality in low lighting. Dome cameras have a DNR and D-WDR image setting that improves the images’ quality to one that is sharper. These cameras have better adherence to weather changes than bullet cameras.

  • PTZ cameras

The PTZ cameras have a 2.1 megapixel and a High Definition setting of 1080. They can capture images over a long distance and have a sharpness of 390’ in the dark. It offers all-round locations with a 360° rotation and a 90° tilt.

Benefits of alibi cameras

These recorders stand out among other cameras in several ways:

They have better monitoring

The different camera setups maintain a focus on the specific event of attention. They do not shift around because of intelligent recording features. The display sequence is adjustable and allows configurations of cameras with the following setting options: 1/4/6/8/9/16. The live view cycles are both automatic and manual and cover a single camera or group of cameras.

The alarms detect motion, video loss, and any other type of tampering. You can zoom in on the pictures of PTZ zooming using a mouse to drag the various positions.

Intelligent features

The camera has inbuilt features that help in making collective storages of related events. Incidents such as burglary or shoplifting will get the relevant tags, so a user will know where to locate the items.

You can narrow down the search specific area when you select it and search it inside a bracket of time. This setup maps out the changes that occur in one location for an extended period.

The smart features of Alibi cameras help in locating videos and images that get moved to an external USB drive. You can protect specific clips from being erased when you lock them with smart settings.

Export features

Alibi CCTVs store clips in the MP4 format, hence they become easy to read when moved to other devices. The storage has a playback window that allows verification of content before exportation.




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Alibi Cameras

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