The Backlog Volume 2: Collaborative Solutions!

So this was a really cool job! I know we normally talk about our video production services in the Washington DC, Virginia, or Maryland area, but this was one of...

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We’re a small business. You’re an any-size business. Let’s get together and make sweet video magic.

Video Release: Atomicorp – Harden Your Shell!

Thinking about a company video? Don’t think too long!

We all know content is king. The more content you put in front of your audience, the more your audience will remember your brand. The best performing content? Videos. What’s...

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Video Production: Is it an Art, or Business?

I get that question a lot, “Are you a company or an artist?” The problem is, the only one asking is me. Video Production is by all means a legitimate...

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15% OFF Your Next Video Project! 2016 Kickoff Deal

Sure, starting January 1st, you made the pledge to hit the gym, eat healthy, and whatever else will help you be a better person as your New Year’s Resolution, but...

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5 Ways We Take A Company Video From Zero to Hero

I know this might sound like I’m giving away all the wonderful secrets to what we do here over at SkipperFilms, but we stand firmly on the notion that nobody...

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Why Personalized Video Production and Videography Matters

There’s video production, and then there’s video production done by a company who actually cares. Yes, they should all care to an extent, but it’s the level of care that...

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