360-degree Video and Photography is coming up in a big way all over the globe, and the booming Washington, DC market it no different. Google Street View has been at the leading edge of 360° Photos for years, while Facebook and YouTube have officially begun supporting 360° Video, and as we all know, Google, Facebook and YouTube have a decent handle on what’s next when it comes to media delivery. In addition to that, Samsung has released their Samsung Gear VR goggles for Galaxy phones that play directly into this style of video content. For all of these reasons, we here at SkipperFilms have jumped head-first without hesitation into creating such content to perfectly align with our existing video production offerings. Uses could include Real Estate tours to take potential buyers on a home-tour that’s controlled by their head movements, Facility tours via Google Street View or 360° Photo Embedding to bring potential clients around your business without stepping foot in your doors, or even letting everyone have front row seats at a concert. It definitely doesn’t stop there, the possibilities are endless!

What’s more, is that we offer an extensive package that goes along with this technology, as our services never stop at the bare-minimum. In addition to simply capturing the footage, we are fully capable of stitching the 360 degree view into a spherical field, editing that footage, inserting graphics and motion-tracking logos as if it were any other creative film we create, and then re-embedding the necessary metadata required for YouTube and Facebook. I know this sounds like a lot to swallow, just take our technical ramblings as a sign that we know what we’re doing!

We’ve also developed a partnership with a company capable of building complete Virtual Reality environments, giving you a fully immersed view of your 3D models and renderings. Like we said, we’ve jumped head first into 360-Degree video content, and are excited for escorting the Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland area into the next best thing in experiencing the world through creative video!

If you’re interested in creating breathtaking and fully controllable 360 Degree or Virtual Reality Videos, please fill out the form below to get started!

University of Maryland – Flashmob 360° Video

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